As I was leaving  Guangzhou after a conference, a sense of freedom suddenly took over me. I've lived in Beijing the past few years and somehow the city has become more and more unbearable to live in. 10 years ago, Beijing was still a place of spontaneous encounters, where restaurants, art spaces, events kept popping up. Since then, it felt the city started to close itself more and more to people. In the city you see 3 components, cars, buildings and wide roads, all grey. The music that you listen to everyday is traffic. 



Guangzhou as a comparison seems to be a tentacular, complex city. It felt that the density of people,buildings, were higher than in Beijing. Even though the city had large green spaces, a nice waterfront, it just felt overwhelming. 

Suddenly as I was walking in Guangzhou's central park and I felt like an animal trapped in a cage. An illusion of nature in the city with very precise and distincts limits. It felt like a prison. I was suffocating. I needed to escape this man-made nightmare and take refuge in a place were Nature was not domesticated, but we had to be domesticated because of it. 


Guangzhou "Central Park"

It seems the model of cities we are living in is reaching its limits, are the quality of life, the experiences, the activities better in urban settings than in rural environments? I felt that it was quite ironic that we created spaces for people to be concentrated in, make them go to cat bars or cereal bars and they would believe that it is an incredible experience. These experiences are needed for people in cities to escape their daily life, a quick relief when you cannot escape. The city started to become synonym of a place draining your energy and making you pay for it. Sadly, I don't understand the logic behind this anymore.

The more I thought abouth this, the more I felt drawn to escape, experience a more rural setting in China. Maybe through this trip some of my questions would be answered.

This is when I decided to leave Guangzhou and took off to Yunan, to my first destination, DALI.

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